June 10, 2004

Using the Polaroid ProPack Camera

Here are the instructions for using the Polaroid ProPack camera:

  1. Flip the plastic latch on the right side of the back of the camera, and insert the film cartridge into the back of the camera (remove any empty cartridge first).
  2. Run your thumb along the numbered paper tabs to loosen them up.
  3. Close the back lid and flip the plastic latch back over the lid.
  4. Slowly and firmly pull the black paper liner from the camera.

  1. Snap the picture with either the green finger pushbutton or the silver metal shutter release cord. The flash should go off unless the batteries are dead.
  2. Pull the small numbered paper tab from the camera.
  3. Slowly but firmly pull the exposed film sheet from the camera.
  4. Wait about one minute before peeling the exposed film. Just set it aside while you write a nice note in the guest book.
  5. Slide the photo into the photo corners in the guest book next to your note.
Posted by todd at June 10, 2004 08:00 AM