October 16, 2004

moira band review

As part of the Great Effort to Define Music, more music advice, from Forrest:

<*moira*> you should check out Nautilis, the Horrorist (cuz he's funny,
<*moira*> not cuz the music will overjoy you), Metro Area, and Umek

<*moira*> Justus Kohnke is super-smooth deep techno with vocals over the top
<*moira*> Johannes Heil is straight up duff duff techno with the odd bit
<*moira*> of melody and tribal drum programming
<*moira*> the Pentax is techno or minimal house immersed in an acid bath
<*moira*> and left to sit for about a week (listen to it and you'll see

<*moira*> and the Kompakt comp is a super-sweet collection of well-made
<*moira*> pop trance, techno, and electro-disco-house with some minimal
<*moira*> flair

<*moira*> then there's the Dopplereffekt record, which is supposedly
<*moira*> electro but is more like old Tangerine Dream trapped in a
<*moira*> black hole

<*moira*> and the Luke Eargoggle record, which is Legowelt stripped down
<*moira*> and meaner

Posted by todd at October 16, 2004 11:42 AM