October 21, 2004

Photo frame product reaches market

Well, it's been a few years since I worked on this line of photo viewing and storing products along with Ian Coats MacColl, Tylor Garland, and a few other designers at Inventures/BrandNew Partners, but finally after much business model tweaking, one of the products has been released in shops nationwide, via a spinoff called Imago Products, based in the Bay Area. Some of the most interesting products may never make it to market, but that's the reality of making Things to Sell.

Here's the product announcement from Imago Products:

Imago Products LLC announces the launch of the Photopodô, a new stylish system for getting your photographs super-organized so you can actually find and share them.

The Photopod fits everything together in one central place: prints, index print, negatives, backup disk and labeling. A durable and clear plastic case protects photographs from dust, weather and harmful UV light; and with the index print and labels visible from the outside, itís easy to see the contents. The system includes a protective envelope for easy storage of negatives and a backup CD, while storage racks holding up to five Photopods allow easy organization on the coffee table, in a drawer, or on the wall.

Photopods are available immediately at the following stores, with more coming soon:

San Francisco
99 Missouri Street (415) 433-2724

401 Hayes Street (415) 552-1717

2162 Polk Street (415) 563-2220

Zinc Details
1905 Fillmore Street (415) 776-2100

New York
125 Greenwich Street (212) 898-4300

Mill Valley
Photo Sprint
1217 Strawberry Village (415) 381-3911

The Museum of Contemporary Art
220 East Chicago Avenue (312) 280-2660

Fort Worth
The Modern Art Museum
3200 Darnell Street (866) 824-5566

www.imagoproducts.com coming soon!

Posted by todd at October 21, 2004 09:14 AM