March 26, 2005

Honeycomb Hive Lamp Coming Soon

A few years ago in school I started a lamp for a design project. This was actually the only lamp I ever built while I was at CCAC (which is kind of weird when you consider how many lamps I created previously). At the time I wasn't really happy wtih how the lamp turned out, so I boxed it up and stored it.
A few weeks ago I pulled the lamp out of storage and started fixing it. It's nearly finished now and I'm hoping to put it up for auction on eBay soon. Hopefully you all will bid on it!
Below are some simple light and dark shots of the lamp. Frankly the night shots are more accurate in terms of brightness. The lamp really emits a soft glow-- nothing like the bright saturation of the light shots. It'd make a great nightlite for a side table or shelf: It's about twenty-four inches high.

A few interesting features of this lamp are:
  • A stack-laminated polycore body. This is translucent polyethylene board that is cut to a specific profile and then stacked up in a particular pattern The result is a light pattern that kind of spirals around the body.
  • A bent lamination wood base. I laminated thin layers of hardwood veneer around an elliptical form to build up the base.
  • A custom molded rubber hexagonal switch plate. I designed a custom rubber part that surrounds the on-off switch, had a machine shop mill a mold out of a block of aluminum, and then I created a special textured and colored rubber to cast the part with. The color is like honey with bits of beeswax in it.
  • The front surface of the polycore is covered with actual beeswax. When it heats up it gives off a faint smell of honey.
    Anyhow, I hope you all like it. I'll post better detail photos soon when I start the eBay auction.
Posted by todd at March 26, 2005 10:25 PM