May 12, 2006

I survived Wildflower triathlon

The race went pretty darn well, considering that the course was much more difficult than our last triathlon at Treasure Island: very hilly and very HOT. Because we live and train in San Francisco, it's been difficult to get hot-weather training this season.

Here's the breakdown:

  • The swim went very well. In the pool I can swim 100 yards in about 80 seconds sustainably (meaning for 1500 yards). At Wildflower I finished 1500m in about 23 minutes, which is great considering how much jockeying for position was involved. I was constantly either trying to get around someone, fighting off elbows and legs, or trying to sight through the multiple waves of swimmers.
  • The bike also went very well. Even though the course was much more hilly than the ultra-flat Treasure Island course, I still managed to finish with a time only a few minutes longer than my TI time. The most fun part was passing people with super-fancy all-carbon tri $$$ bikes on my cheap-ass mail-order aluminum road bike.
  • The run was the toughest part. As soon as I got off the bike, I could feel that my hamstrings and gluts were very tight, and I could tell that the run was going to be a slog. (The Wildflower run course is basically 5 miles of slow climbing followed by one mile of downhill, so these were the wrong muscles to lose. ) I'm still not sure what caused the tightness, but my theory is that it was all the heat and hiking around from the previous two days (when we were camping and watching our friends do the Long Course). Still, in the end my run time was only four minutes slower than TI, which is great.

Here's a bunch of event photos of me lookin' like a fool.

What's next? The next event I have planned right now is the Alcatraz Challenge Aquathlon-- basically you swim from Alcatraz to Crissy Field, then run across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Should be fun! Posted by todd at May 12, 2006 06:22 AM