May 20, 2006

my day so far

Let's recap:
  • Swim 1.82 miles in the Mt. Tam HS pool, as a descending pyramid. Around mile 1.5 start thinking, "Swimming in the open water is a lot less boring, but a lot colder". (Their pool is like 85 degrees, possibly warmer when the solar heater gets cooking.)
  • Start biking to Nicasio from there. Around Fairfax, break a spoke. Back wheel immediately warps. Limp to bike shop, drink coffee while nice hippie owner and agro bike mechanic kid fix the spoke and true the wheel.
  • Bike over White's Hill, which actually went pretty well this time.
  • Stop at Nicasio turn sign, wait for bike buddy, realize she's nowhere to be seen and at least 5 minutes behind, start biking back.
  • Help bike buddy remove a freakin' huge nail from her back tire, replace the tube, and start the return ride.
  • Get back to Mt. Tam HS, do 30 minute run through Mill Valley.
  • Eat a salad bigger than your head.
Posted by todd at May 20, 2006 03:43 PM