May 23, 2008

One week til Ironman Hawaii 70.3

My next big race is coming up next Saturday-- eeee! We're racing Ironman Hawaii 70.3, a big portion of which is held on the same course as the Ironman World Championships.

This is the point where I start to get really nervous during our training "taper". (Which means, instead of our normal intense training, we reduce training volume up til the day of the race.) Since we're doing a two week taper for this race, we're at the halfway point right now, having done low volume for the past week.

Yesterday I did a short "long" run: 1 hour at a fairly relaxed pace. Today I did a swim set that was relatively short (1.2 miles) but fast (32 minutes). I felt really strong after but hey! I didn't have to go bike and run afterwards. Tomorrow we're doing a brick (bike + run) again, but this time it's 50% of what we did last weekend.

It feels too easy, and that's what makes me nervous. My panicky brain at this point says "Shit! I haven't trained hard enough! Train harder!" But that's exactly what you're not supposed to do. By reducing the training a bit before the race, you give your body a chance to repair and recover.

Just gotta stay calm and believe that all the training I've done will pay off.

Posted by todd at May 23, 2008 07:59 PM