June 11, 2010

Making Breadfruit Flour

Here's a recipe I found for making flour from fresh ripe breadfruit...


You'll need roughly two sunny days, some ripe breadfruit (should be leaking a bit of latex sap), a drying rack, and a grinder or pounder.


1. Wash and peel breadfruit. Halve and remove heart. Cut halves into very thin slices, lay slices on drying rack in the sun to dry. Breadfruit must be brittle when properly dried.
2. Grind or pound breadfruit slices then pass through sieve several times (5 to 6 times) until a powder substance is obtained (leaving flaky remains).
3. Store powder and flakes in separate clean air tight jars and use as required.

Posted by todd at June 11, 2010 09:05 AM