October 04, 2012

Energy Storage Startups in the Bay Area


  1. PolyPlus (Berkeley): Lithium-Air (and related) batteries. In business since 1990 or 2001 depending on who you ask.
  2. Imprint Energy (Berkeley):Zinc (zinc-air?) printable batteries. Some history.
  3. Seeo (Hayward): Polymer electrolytes for Li-Ion batteries. Spinoff from LBL. Hilarious article from 1990 details problems that still plague Zn cells.
  4. Amprius (Menlo Park): Better anode materials for Li-ion
  5. QuantumScape (San Jose): "all electron battery", whatever that means. "electron-hole redox". Claims of very high energy density, few details available.
  6. Envia Systems (Newark): High density Li-ion technology.
  7. Leyden Energy (Fremont): Cheap, high density Li-Ion.
  8. CalCharge (LBL): More of an incubator/shared lab space for energy storage innovation at LBL.
  9. nanosys (Palo Alto): Additives for improved Li-Ion batteries.
  1. LightSail Energy (Berkeley). Compressed air energy storage supplemented by thermal storage. Founder Danielle Fong.
Posted by todd at October 4, 2012 07:10 PM