May 29, 2003

Cremaster series

Matthew Barney and his crazy Cremaster cycle are playing at the Castro this month. Tonight I'm going to check out Cremaster 3, which I've never seen. Program Description - The Castro Theatre

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Defraying the Cost of Spore Drive Recovery Effort

Some folks have expressed an interest in helping to defray the cost of the spore drive recovery effort. Here's a link to PayPal, where you can make such a donation:

As you probably know by now, the drive is dead, dead, dead. I mean, it's really dead. So all that data that was not backed up is really gone. I spent about $200 total on shipping and recovery analysis, and I'd surely appreciate any contributions you all can make to help defray those costs.

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Notes on spore hard drive crash and doomed recovery effort changes
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Too Bad, So Sad

Well, I finally did it: I resurrected my personal blog. After the long, sad, saga of the crash of our blog server I've finally reached the step in my grieving where I can begin to put things back together.

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