August 26, 2003

Updated Resume' / CV

Finally got around to updating my resume' to include all the stuff I've worked on since January. Here is my updated resume' in PDF format.

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August 25, 2003

Back from the East Coast

I'm just back from three weeks on the East Coast. I spent the bulk of it staying with Tammy's family in New Hampshire, on her mom's goat and llama farm. New Hampshire is a beautiful place, but it's definitely very different from where I grew up in California.

The last few days of my trip I travelled by train via Boston and New Haven to meet up with Tammy and head into NYC. Tammy and I went museum hopping with our friend Forrest to the Cooper-Hewitt (Smithsonian National Design Museum), the American Musuem of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We also visited Times Square (we'd never been there before) and the site of the World Trade Center.

I took a lot of photos of my East Coast trip with my Nokia 3650 camera phone. Hope you enjoy!

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