November 24, 2004


Well, we're on our way to Southern California. We caught the 31 to the Ferry Bldg but ended up missing the ferry by about two minutes.
So instead we took BART to 12th st and then caught a cab to the Amtrak station.
As you can see, the station itself is a travesty of 80s Miami Vice design. But the station agents are super nice and funny- they don't take themselves too seriously.

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November 20, 2004

Zatoichi (The Blind Swordsman)

Finally rented this movie last night. Wow!
I especially liked the contrast between the slash-n-spurt scenes and the wacky-go-lucky Stomp-like percussive dance numbers. The most disturbing part was the CG blood- what's up with that?
The editing was a bit wacky too: a few times I found myself in a blinking stupor after one too many nonsensical jump cuts.
All in all, a very entervaining film.

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November 19, 2004

Pretty Darn Ugly

For awhile now we've had the "Cinko" (on the left) Ugly Doll for a while now, and we'd been debating which other doll to get him as a pal. Finally, at Lavish last night, we decided to get Jeero (on the right).

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November 17, 2004


I'm really starting to enjoy running. I've been running two to four times a week for the past couple of months, and swimming on other days.

At first I had problems with my knees, where it'd feel painful to walk downhill. Now it seems like I've passed that barrier, as my knees don't feel sore anymore.

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November 16, 2004

Songs I would rather forget

Certain songs should be blasted into space and never played again. This morning's candidate is "Cold hearted snake" by Paula Abdul.
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November 15, 2004

So Sorry Everybody

For some reason, just looking at the hundreds (thousands?) of personal apology photos at Sorry Everybody gives me hope. I especially like all the "apology accepted" postcards from people all over the world who understand that America is a complicated place, and that a single political administration doesn't represent an entire culture.
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November 06, 2004

Make a Run for the Border

It's kinda creepy that all the "sane" states are in contiguous contact with Canada, don't you think? Maybe Alaska will pass that medical marijuana legislation and want to join in on the fun, eventually. Let 'em try to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge then!
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