May 27, 2005

Nosemold tam2

I pulled the clay model of Tammy's nose out of the new mold today. Ain't it purdy?

Demo KABLOG mobile photo blogging software for Nokia / Series 60 phones.
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May 16, 2005

Indoor Forest Project

I've been taking a "Rapid Visual Communications" design drawing class through City College's Architecture department this semester. It's wrapping up now, and we're going to present our final projects tomorrow.
My project was to design a product that brings the experience of a forest indoors. Obviously this is a big project to take on, and for the past weeks I've been exploring many different options. I've scanned in my presentation boards:

These read in chronological order left-to-right, top-to-bottom, and follow the development of the ideas I had. Without hearing my verbal presentation tomorrow you'll be missing a bit of context, but hopefully you all will get the idea.
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May 15, 2005

Bay to Breakers

For the first time ever, Tammy and I ran 7.46 miles and finished the Bay to Breakers today! Our run time is a little unclear because we had to stop at the porta-potties at the 9th & Howard turn, and I forgot to keep track of how long that pit stop took. Still, our raw time was 1:23 from start to finish, so we probably spent about 1:10 running. Woo!
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May 02, 2005

Nose Lamp in progress

So some of you might already know I've been working on a prototype for a Nose Lamp. I made a clay model of my own nose, about 5x scale, made a mold of the model, and I've been casting noses in clear urethane resin. I've been experimenting with different casting and mounting techniques and this is the one I'm leaning towards now. Basically the translucent nose is mounted on a box upholstered in velvet, and a candelabra light shines through the nose. It makes a great sconce light. What do you think?
The next step is to make a better production mold and then start cranking out nose lamps. Anyone want one?
VelvetNose_off.jpg VelvetNose_on.jpg

UPDATE: Nose lamps are now for sale here

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