July 30, 2005


Let's go down the rabbit hole!
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July 28, 2005

Firefly backs

I'm working on a couple firefly lamps as set pieces for a play Fej is directing at Theater in the Woods.
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July 22, 2005


From ComicCon. I like how his scuba gear is completely oversized and color-coordinated.
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July 16, 2005

Carnivores Attack!

Winter rips into her burger at lunch yesterday. Winter will be playing a red-headed faerie in an upcoming production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", enjoys singing, wears a MirrorMask pin, and her favorite con costumes are all dresses.
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July 14, 2005


Patrick on a panel about online comics (or a documentary about such, or something), at the ComicCon.
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I am completely fogged-in, San Diego! Our short, 1:20 flight from SFO to SAN took about four hours. Because of heavy fog, nobody could land this morning. So we spent some time circling over San Marcos, then landed in Ontario to refuel. Then finally the fog lifted to about 200 ft., and we were able to land in SAN.
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July 04, 2005

First practical hydrogen fuel-cell powered plane completes test flights

Well, it had to happen eventually: AeroEnvironment has flight-tested an unmanned hydrogen fuel-cell-powered spyplane that can stay aloft for one week at 65,000 feet. AV Global Observer 2.jpg
Some of you might recall the earlier NASA Helios program , which strove for similar goals. But Helios used a photoelectric approach that would generate excess hydrogen during the day and use a fuel cell only at night.
The Global Observer ditches the weight of onboard hydrogen generation and solar energy collection equipment and focuses on efficient utilization of hydrogen fuel. Perhaps the next step is unmanned refuelling tankers to automatically deliver hydrogen to the Observers so they can stay aloft indefinitely.
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