March 11, 2006

What's up with me?

Been busy busy. I started that new job at Promptu in Menlo Park, and that's been eating my brain. Otherwise, still trying to keep up as much triathlon training as I can, which is definitely less than before I started the job. I'm still trying to pack in two workouts a day on most days, though, and it's a struggle with the commute to MP. This week our house nearly burned down! Well, maybe not, but we had a strange experience nonetheless. On Thursday afternoon we got a frantic phone call from one of our downstairs neighbors who reported that all of her appliances were popping and smoking and there was a strange electrical burning smell. After they turned off all the breakers to the building, some guy from PG&E came by to report that there was unusually high voltage on the lines running to our block, and advised turning everything off. So we rushed home Thursday night to find that we had no power and the whole house smelled like burning transformer oil. I called PG&E to get details and received absolutely no useful information. Sometime late in the night a squadron of PG&E trucks arrived and started tearing electrical entrails out of our morning they were gone and I tentatively turned the breakers back on. Nice job communicating with your customers, PG&E! Death toll: DSL modem, Ethernet-USB printer bridge, Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, the clock on our oven (but not the igniters), 2 boom boxes, and a cordless phone. It appears that any devices with larger (1A or greater) transformer-based power supplies were fried...or at least the power supplies were fried, we still haven't confirmed that.
Posted by todd at 06:04 PM