April 23, 2007

Finally Kyte launches

For the past six months or so I've been working at a new media sharing startup called kyte.tv and this morning we launched our service to the public amidst much press hullabaloo.
  • What is it?
    It's a way to broadcast "shows" on your "channels" with photos, slideshows, video, music, text, polls, etc.. It's pretty easy to get started, and works seamlessly between the web site (flash) and your mobile phone.
  • Which part did you do?
    I lead the Mobile team in charge of developing the mobile phone software that you can you download and run on many popular GSM phones (assuming you have a data plan and so forth).
  • Isn't it just another way to blog? Isn't it just YouTube for mobile? Isn't it just like XXX ?
    It's the same, only different. The media you broadcast in your shows are delivered in a compact little viewer that you can embed on e.g. your MySpace profile. The show production tools are simple and allow you to broadcast and edit shows instantaneously. Shows and show updates appear instantly in your channels, both on the website, embedded, and on the mobile phone. It's very mobile-friendly: even if your phone isn't capable of running our full-blown Java phone software, you can still create video and picture shows from your phone using MMS or email.

If you have the latest version of Flash installed, you should be able to see one of my personal channels in the kyte embedded channel viewer below:

Posted by todd at 12:58 PM