July 31, 2007

Recent adventures

Whereby I quickly list sundry Stellanova adventures since July 4th.
  • Donner Lake Olympic triathlon. I finished this race 9 minutes slower than my first Olympic triathlon, Treasure Island. However, Donner runs between 6000 and 7200 feet, and you climb roughly 1200 feet in the first 3 miles of the bike ride. (By comparison, Treasure Island is almost completely flat.) To make it a little more challenging, Donner's run course is closer to 7 miles rather than a pure 10k. Tammy completely rocked the course too, and our friend Kelly came in 4th on the Sprint distance.
  • Diving with Bob and Yvonne in Carmel. We hadn't been diving in about three years, so we took a refresher course one day and then zoomed out to Carmel on B&Y's boat the next day. Boy is that water cold! We dove at spot called Pinnacles which consists of these beautiful rock walls absolutely covered in sponges, corals, you name it, surrounded by kelp forest. Amazingly beautiful. The big slow rolling waves on the surface induced some of the strongest nausesa I've felt in years, and my quads were sore for days after from bracing on the boat ride, but it was totally worth it.
  • Bathroom remodeling! Ok so maybe this isn't really an adventure, but we're in the middle of tearing out walls, rearranging plumbing and electrical, and our bathroom looks like a war zone. Those of you who have done this know how trying this can be.
  • San Francisco Marathon -- First Half. This is my second half marathon of the year (if you don't count the run embedded in the Wildflower Long Course). I ran a couple minutes slower than the Kaiser Half in February, but this course was a lot hillier. The hardest thing about this race was the timing-- it started at 5:30am! Still, running on the Golden Gate Bridge roadway was amazing, even if the weather was a little too foggy/overcast to see much.
  • Alcatraz Challenge aquathon (swim and run). This coming Sunday Tammy and I are going to jump off a boat next to Alcatraz, swim to shore near the Exploratorium, then run out across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. We did this race last year and absolutely loved it.
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