November 13, 2007

Tammy's wildlife jewelry picked up by Monterey Bay Aquarium store

As you may know, a while back Tammy released a new line of silver necklaces with original illustrations of Monterey Bay wildlife. Now her jewelry is to be featured at the Monterey Bay Aquarium store. Soon visitors to the aquarium will be able to buy illustrated necklaces depicting local Monterey Bay animals such as the sea otter, jellyfish (sea nettle) and octopus.
jellyfish, sea otter, and octopus silver illustrated wildlife necklaces in Victorian style

She's been really persistent in contacting museum stores and finally that persistence is starting to pay off. I feel like, as soon as museum-goers see these necklaces in person, they're going to just fall in love with them. Because, who wouldn't want to wear a little Victorian cameo if an octopus?

Posted by todd at 01:44 PM