December 09, 2007

Perfect Holiday Gifts

You know what that special someone needs this Christmas?
A freakin NOSE LAMP!
Seriously, I have a few of these left at the studio and I'd really like to make some room. So, if you've ever wanted the magic glow of a nose lamp in your life, or if you've ever wanted to give the gift of a giant light-up olfactory organ, now is your chance. Make me an offer-- no serious proposal refused. Offer good until December 16th. First come first served, etc.
Giant Nose Lamp (sconce)
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December 05, 2007

Billet chair goes into production

One of the chair designs I worked on some years ago for Michael W. Dreeben has now reached production.

Here's the original SolidWorks CAD models I worked on.
And here's the final production piece.

Neat, huh?
metal building block chair
Posted by todd at 05:58 PM

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